90+ Best Outer Space Captions For Instagram

Get ready to launch your Instagram feed into the cosmos with our stellar collection of the best outer space captions.

From moonlit selfies to starry night landscapes, we’ve got the perfect words to match your cosmic adventures.

Let’s make your posts out of this world and truly unforgettable. 🚀✨🌌

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Best Outer Space Captions For Instagram

Outer Space Instagram Captions - Stardust in my veins, the universe in my soul.

1. “Stardust in my veins, the universe in my soul. 🌌”

2. “Galaxies away, but feeling right at home. 🌠”

3. “Lost among stars, found in cosmic wonder. ✨”

4. “Chasing comets and collecting dreams. 🌠”

5. “To the moon and never back. 🌙”

6. “Beyond the skies, where stories unfold. 🌌”

7. “Star-kissed and moonlit, that’s how I roll. 🌟🌙”

8. “Galactic vibes only. 🪐”

9. “Dancing on the Rings of Saturn. 💫”

10. “When Earth feels too small, aim for the stars. 🌟”

11. “Orbiting dreams and shooting for galaxies. 🌌”

12. “Cosmic heartbeats in a universe of silence. 💖🌌”

13. “Moon’s whisper and star’s lullaby. 🌙✨”

14. “Beyond the blue, into the infinite hue. 🌌”

15. “Stars can’t shine without a little darkness. 🌟🌑”

16. “Galaxies apart, but close at heart. 💖🌌”

17. “Floating in a sea of stars, anchored by dreams. 🌠”

18. “Cosmic tales spun in the loom of the night. 🌌”

19. “Where stars are the footprints of angels. ✨👼”

20. “Cruising through constellations, one dream at a time. 🌌”

21. “The universe is my playground, stars my playmates. 🌟”

22. “Hitching a ride on a comet’s tail. 🌠”

23. “Between Earth and stars, my heart finds its beat. 💓🌌”

24. “Cosmic winds carry tales of galaxies old. 🌠”

25. “Sipping on starlight, dining with the moon. 🌟🌙”

26. “Every star is a story waiting to be told. 🌌”

27. “Beyond our sky, lies a canvas of dreams. 🌠”

28. “Lost in space, found in wonder. 🌌”

29. “Where every twinkle is a timeless tale. 🌟”

30. “In the orchestra of the universe, stars are the notes. 🎵🌌”

Funny Outer Space Captions For Instagram

Funny Outer Space Instagram Captions - If aliens saw my dance moves, they'd definitely invite me to their party!

1. “If aliens saw my dance moves, they’d definitely invite me to their party!” 🕺🛸

2. “Lost in space, but at least I’ve got the best view!” 🌌👀

3. “Black holes: where diets don’t matter and calories disappear.” 🍔➡️🕳️

4. “Floating around, waiting for a shooting star to grant my wishes.” 🌠💫

5. “Galactic road trip! No GPS, but the stars are guiding me.” 🌟🚀

6. “Mars called. They want their sense of humor back!” 😂🔴

7. “Starry nights and space flights. Living the cosmic dream!” 🌌✨

8. “When you’re in space, every hour is a happy hour!” 🍹🌒

9. “Trying to find WiFi signal up here. Any suggestions?” 📡🚫

10. “Moonwalking: It’s not just for Michael Jackson anymore.” 🌕🚶‍♂️

11. “Saturn’s rings are cool, but have you seen my new bracelet?” 💍🪐

12. “Spotted an alien. Asked for a selfie. Best. Day. Ever.” 👽🤳

13. “Taking a spacewalk, because even astronauts need their daily steps!” 🚶‍♀️🌌

14. “I told the sun a joke. It was lit!” ☀️😂

15. “Hitchhiking across the galaxy. Need a ride to the next star!” 🌟👍

16. “Space: The final frontier… for my endless appetite!” 🍕🌌

17. “Stardust in my veins and mischief in my eyes.” ✨😉

18. “When life gives you meteors, make meteorade!” 🌠🥤

19. “Found a new planet. Thinking of naming it after my cat.” 🪐🐱

20. “Galaxies are just nature’s glitter, don’t you think?” 🌌✨

Outer Space Captions For Instagram With Astronauts

Outer Space Captions For Instagram With Astronaut - One small step for man, one giant leap for my Instagram feed.

1. “Stardust in my veins, universe in my sights. 🚀”

2. “One small step for man, one giant leap for my Instagram feed. 🌌”

3. “Galaxies away, but still WiFi connected. 🛰️”

4. “Moonwalking: not just a dance move up here. 🌕”

5. “Between Earth and stars, I found my space. 🌟”

6. “Floating above, grounded in dreams. 🌍”

7. “Cosmic coffee breaks are out of this world. ☕🌌”

8. “Chasing sunsets on a universal scale. 🌅”

9. “Lost among the stars, found in wonder. ✨”

10. “Gravity? Never heard of her. 🚀”

11. “Beyond the blue, where dreams come true. 🌌”

12. “Galactic glow-up in progress. 🌟”

13. “Space suits and stellar shoots. 📸”

14. “When Earth feels too mainstream, go interstellar. 🌍🚀”

15. “Dancing with stars, literally. 💫”

16. “Cosmic commutes > morning traffic. 🌌”

17. “Star-kissed and moonlit. 🌕💋”

18. “From Earthling to spaceling in 3…2…1… 🚀”

19. “Serving interstellar looks today. 🌌🕶️”

20. “On top of the world, or rather, above it. 🌍✨”

Outer Space Captions For Instagram With NASA

Outer Space Captions For Instagram With NASA - One small step for a post, one giant leap for your feed.

1. “Stardust in our veins, NASA in our hearts. 🚀”

2. “Beyond the blue: where dreams and science intertwine. 🌌”

3. “Galaxies away, but NASA brings it closer every day. 🌠”

4. “One small step for a post, one giant leap for your feed. 🌕”

5. “Lost among the stars, found by NASA’s radars. 🛰️”

6. “Chasing cosmic dreams with NASA’s supreme teams. 🌟”

7. “Every star has a story, and NASA’s just getting started. 📖”

8. “The universe beckons, and with NASA, we answer its call. 📡”

9. “Bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. 🌉”

10. “Space: the final frontier, and NASA’s eternal playground. 🎢”

11. “From Earth’s backyard to the edge of the cosmos. 🌍➡️🌌”

12. “With NASA, every day is a journey beyond the horizon. 🌅”

13. “Galactic wonders, brought to your screen by NASA’s wonders. 🖥️”

14. “In the dance of the cosmos, NASA leads the way. 💃🌌”

15. “Crafting the future, one space mission at a time. 🚀🔧”

16. “The universe whispers its secrets, and NASA listens intently. 🤫🔭”

17. “Where the mysteries of space meet the marvels of science. 🧪🌠”

18. “Every pixel of a NASA image hides a universe of stories. 📸”

19. “Space might be cold, but NASA’s discoveries warm our souls. ❤️🌌”

20. “From the depths of black holes to the colors of nebulas, with NASA we explore. 🌀🌈”

Outer Space And Instagram: A Match Made In The Stars

1. The Cosmic Connection

You have no idea that the passion for outer space would resonate with so many. The vastness of the universe, with its twinkling stars and swirling galaxies, had always been a source of wonder. As it turned out, it was a shared fascination among many of the followers as well.

2. Stars, Selfies, and Social Media

You might ask, how does one blend the ethereal beauty of outer space with the immediacy of Instagram? It’s all about capturing those fleeting moments. Like the time we stay up all night to witness a meteor shower and would love to share the experience in real-time with followers.

3. Making The Complex Understandable

Space can be… well, spacey. But here’s the thing: it’s not about understanding every intricate detail. It’s about the feeling, the awe. It’s about making the vastness of the universe feel close to home.

4. The Emotional Pull of The Cosmos

There’s something deeply emotional about looking up at the night sky. It reminds us of our place in the universe, of dreams unfulfilled, and endless possibilities.

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